School Proxy

School Proxy the best free proxy for school and work places to access Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is the age of hackers and many people online spying your activity online. We help you to access Facebook and other social networks from school with the help of School proxy. School proxy is fast and provide you services easy to use and protect your identity from a school administrator. School Proxy is fast and easy to use, you just enter the URL in the bar and click on "Submit" button.

School proxy site for YouTube

School proxy YouTube is here to make you able to access YouTube and other blocked sites at school and working place. Best proxy sites are hard to find nowadays, but you are lucky by finding our proxy. This proxy is used by internet users all over the world for security purposes. School Proxy is a best anonymous proxy server that does allow you to access Facebook, YouTube and unblock websites that are blocked due to any reason without leaking your personal information. School proxy provides you a unique identity by changing your real IP address. Enjoy free unlimited browsing via and also visit our other proxy for YouTube accessing.